Friday, May 22, 2009

Embrace The Dragon

It is my desire to help other people going through the cancer experience by telling of my experiences with the diagnosis and healing.
Two things to understand initially: the diagnosis of cancer is a gift to you and cancer is a dis-ease of toxicity.
It is a gift in the sense that it allows you to delve far deeper into the spiritual realm than you can otherwise. This is due to several reasons but primarily it is due to the fact that when you are suffering, your body is producing the highest vibratory energy that it is capable of producing. If, as Merlin said, you 'embrace the dragon' instead of fighting it, you will learn and accomplish much in terms of healing.
Concerning toxicity: realize that what you have been doing up to this point hasn't really worked for you. You need to examine your diet and patterns of thinking and emotions. Study the mind-body connections. All dis-eases start on the subtle planes and manifest initially in your colon.

Saturday, March 31, 2007

Pop culture

“Many people lack a spiritual belief system and fill that void with obsessions about celebrities. The celebrities are raised to the rank of gods, and these earthly gods will always fail the expectations the masses have set for them.” --Donna Phillips